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Mac Pro: 4- and 8-core Intel Xeon versions unleashed

Apr. 4th, 2007 23:01 by Permalink | TrackBack: — updated on Apr. 13th, 2007 15:35 exists for 12 years & 8 months ago — — Sorry, this content is not available in english. - Apple.

Apple introduces a processor update of their Mac Pro familly: le Mac Pro now features both Quad-Core and Eight-core 64-bit Intel Xeon processors, up to 3 GHz.

This impressive Mac performs outstandingly in both graphics and core computing (8-core up to twice faster as G5 quad), aiming Mac Pro to image and video-related professionals.

That's not all; you can thouroughly configure and expand your Mac Pro: Processor, we mentionned it, graphics card, memory (up to 16Gb),hard disks (up to 4 750Gb HD), and much more.

You can get to the Mac Pro web site to look at graphics performances here

For those who need extreme power and performane, get a Mac Pro!

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