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New laptops available tomorrow? [UPDATE] confirmed !

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[UPDATE] 15/05/2007
It's confirmed! Apple has updated his MacBook.

However, it is just some technical updates. Not very enthousiastic. The updates deal with processors (more powerful), more memory (1Gb), faster wifi "n" and larger hard disk drives.
You'll find the Apple's announcement here

[UPDATE] 15/05/2007
AppleStore is closed for update... any coincidences?

[2007-05-14 09:31:19] According to, Apple should update their laptops line up with the new Intel platform code named Santa Rosa. The site claims that the updates should be announced no later than tomorrow!

As the Intel processor architecture continuously improves, Apple has no choice to keep up the line. If the rumour proves to be true, Apple would be the first manufacturer to integrate this new processors.

We officially know that Apple is going to upgrade his products (MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac) in accordance to his ecology comitment this year (as related in one of our recent article Apple will become green) in order to remove hazardous chemical products from the screen manufacturing process. But this tells nothing wether or not any form factor modifications will be done.

Additionally, ThinkSecret announces that an evolution of the Mac Mini will be issued in a short time. This is already an high expectation for a lot of people.

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