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Mac OS X increases its market share

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Mac OS X is consolidating its rank in term of market share. It is now the second operating system worldwide.

With about 3.5 % of market share, Mac OS X follows Windows Vista.

Others OS have limited market share: Linux has 0.8 while others have 0.3 .

Windows is still the over dominating OS with 95.4 % market share worldwide, but Apple's OS is increasing.

One of the reason for the "recent" increased position is certainly the adoption of Intel's chip in Macs, providing MacBooks impressive sale figures.

As per Windows Vista, it still increases it's market share, totaling 3.66 % market share. Vista now overcomes Mac OS position, all versions included.

Windows is still the great winner but one see users more and more switching to Mac OS X for the sake of stability and richness that Apple has to offer thanks to a better integration of software and hardware.

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