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New low-end iPhone for Xmas [UPDATE]

July. 10th, 2007 19:49 by Permalink | TrackBack: — exists for 12 years & 5 months ago — — Sorry, this content is not available in english.

Apple will make a brand new iPhone available for this year fourth quater.

That's what Kevin Chang, JP Morgan analyst, believe, based on an OEM source and one US patent application dated 5 july 2007 showing touch technology that should be used to control a wheel very similarly than on an iPod.

This new product should be an iPhone Nano in the same form factor than a current iPod nano, but with a small multi-touch screen.

The idea behing this is to market less expensive iPhone -- under 300$ -- and therefore avoid a fierce cannibalization of iPods line up by iPhones.

[UPDATE 10 JULY 2007]
In an additional note, JP Morgan retracts,saying: "A lower end iPhone is inevitable, in our view,but we believe a near term launch would be unusual and highly risky.".

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