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iPhone price drops dramatically!

Sept. 6th, 2007 09:50 by stephane@deluca.bizPermalink | TrackBack: — exists for 12 years & 3 months ago — — Sorry, this content is not available in english.

Apple just announced a drop in price of the iPhone 8Gb, from 599$ down to 399$! That's a 33% off the initial price.

With that new information, here is the full iPod Touch/IPhone price comparison:

  • iPhone, 8Gb, 399$
  • iPod Touch, 16Gb, 299$

If you keep your next buy (say) 3 years, the iPhone is at only 30$/year more expensive than the iPod Touch!

Btw, the iPhone 4Gb is discontinued (good bargain can be found at 299$ while the stock lasts).

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